The Interior

The Alto welcomes you with a two-tone interior as you get behind the wheel. Stylish yet functional, it is a perfect mix of design and logic. From ergonomically designed cabin to comfortable seats, from quick read speedometers to intuitive controls, everything is built for you to move ahead with ease.

The Exterior

When you move up in life, you enjoy better and more refined experiences. And that is what you get with the new Ciaz. The moment it makes its appearance, the new Ciaz creates an instant impression with its stunning revamped exterior. The new LED Headlamps and DRLs combined with the stylish new Front Grille show that there’s room for more, even in perfection. So, drive the new Ciaz and experience life on a whole new level.

Young and raring to go. Never still, never ordinary. The Alto is just like you. One look, and you will know it’s designed to express your style. Its overall driving experience connects with the fun side of you by bringing alive the joy and excitement when you are behind the wheels. Simply put, it’s easy, compatible and built around you. So, take it out for a spin. And experience an exhilarated lifestyle as it takes you ahead of the curve.

Here is a car that is all about a zippy drive every time. Whether you are in a narrow street or on a highway, it drives as you steer. The Alto is also designed to ensure nothing comes between you and your fun drive. That’s why it is backed by safety features that deliver peace of mind when you are out on the road.

Driver and passenger Airbags and Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)

The Alto is equipped with airbags to help mitigate the impact in the event of a frontal collision. It also comes with ABS that contributes to keep tyres from locking up and adds stability to evasive maneuvers.

Fuel efficient F8D 0.8 ltr engine

The Alto’s F8D 0.8-litre engine combines ample torque with low fuel consumption. Despite the engine’s small displacement, it’s high thermal efficiency using an electronic throttle body results in peppy driving.