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Stay focused on what matters most

In the Jimny, there’s little to distract you from driving. Its stylish black interior is humble yet handsome, and controls are designed for quick and easy operation
even when wearing gloves.

lluminated meter cluster

In sunlight and moonlight, on and off the road, the meters are always illuminated for clear viewing. Their functional design complements the straightforward beauty of the interior.

Steering system

Keep in touch with the terrain, thanks to a robust ball-screw steering system that provides sufficient feedback yet minimizes kickback. The steering wheel is leather-wrapped* for a touch of luxury and can be vertically adjusted up to 35mm.

*GLX grade

Ready to conquer the wild

Built to tackle the harshest weather and terrain, the Jimny goes
where other vehicles fear to tread. Take on nature’s challenges.
Unleash your spirit of adventure and get ready to explore.

Practical drip rail

Let the Jimny take you on your all-weather adventures. The drip rail can keep your head dry and your spirits bright when entering and exiting by helping to prevent
water from dripping off the roof.

LED headlamps with washers (GLX)

ake pride in the Jimny’s heritage, symbolized by iconic round headlamps. Washers are standard for LED headlamps, allowing confident driving in mud, dirt, or snow

Optimised bumpers

All’s clear for adventure, including angled bumper edges that increase clearance at the wheels for assured climbing over obstacles. Their molded black material safeguards the body from stone chips and scratches.

Depend on robust authenticity

Four uncompromising features define the Jimny as a serious off-road machine — a robust ladder frame, three ample body angles, 3-link rigid axle suspensions with coil springs and 4WD with a low-range transfer gear.

4WD with low range transfer gear

At your command, Jimny adapts to every situation. Shift the transfer lever to the 4L mode when the going gets tough for maximum torque and traction. On flat off-road trails and snow-covered roads, enter 4H to enjoy 4WD traction at higher speeds. Once you return to paved roads, shift to the 2H (2WD) mode for a smoother, quieter, and more fuel-efficient ride. Let ALLGRIP PRO satisfy your adventurous mind with its on and off-road mastery.

Power your off-road ambitions

Nothing stands in your way when driving the Jimny. It takes you wherever you want to go with unrivaled agility, precision control, and powerful torque when you need it most.

New 1.5L Engine

Feel empowered in the Jimny. Its robust 1.5L engine generates strong torque throughout a wide rpm range for powerful off-road performance. Small and lightweight, it also delivers high fuel efficiency.

SRS airbag system for collision safety

The Jimny is equipped with front SRS airbags for the driver and front passenger.*
SRS airbag system for collision safety
*When traveling 40km/h or faster with the headlamp switch in the auto position.

Injury mitigation body for pedestrian safety

In the unfortunate event of a collision with a pedestrian, head and leg injuries are
mitigated by a bonnet and surrounding parts that are designed to absorb impact.

1. Impact-absorbing wipers
2. Impact-absorbing cowl top
3. Impact-absorbing bonnet hinges
4. Impact-absorbing fenders
5. Impact-absorbing bonnet
6. Impact-absorbing front bumper