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Wide cabin for all your friends and ample luggage space for a weekend getaway, there is enough room for all. Further, an air conditioner adds comfort, and the new generation display audio connects to excitement. Comfortable, convenient, and entertaining features transform everyday drives into fun-filled moments.


The interior of the Celerio brings your senses alive. There’s energy in every aspect of its styling. The three-dimensional vents and meter cluster stand out and add to the overall lively interior design, heightening your mood to drive.


For those who live each moment to the fullest, the Celerio is here to let you enjoy experiences nothing less than extraordinary. Its large and comfortable space in a compact body turns your every day into grand moments and the abundant luggage space lets you take all you need to make the most of what you love doing. The Celerio is also big on style with a lively and sturdy design which makes it look equally attractive from every angle. Hop into the Celerio, because life is most exciting when lives large


Designed to move your heart, the Celerio’s vibrant and dynamic styling with a lively contour enthralls you wherever it goes. Adding a touch of boldness to its look is a distinct front grille and headlamps. With the Celerio, your presence on the road will stand out.


The Celerio always delivers a big performance, allowing you to live every moment to the fullest. Whether it’s a long outing or zip around the city, the car is equipped with a host of features that ensure every drive is a delightful experience.

1.0L DUALJET engine

The 1.0L DUALJET engine lets you get the best out of every drive. It delivers comprehensive advantages in thermal efficiency resulting from a better compression ratio, dual-injection system, and friction reduction, realizing a high level of balanced dynamic performance and fuel efficiency.

Auto Gear Shift and 5-speed manual transmission
  • The 5-speed manual transmission offers an optimal gear ratio for the engine and drivetrain for the best balance of fuel efficiency and power performance.
  • The AGS is an automated manual transmission featuring an Intelligent Shift Control Actuator that automatically operates the shift and clutch. This results in ease of driving and a direct drive feel for you, along with low fuel consumption.
Engine Auto Stop Start system (EASS)

EASS system automatically stops the engine when you stop the car, for example, while you wait for the traffic lights to change. This prevents unnecessary fuel consumption and helps limit exhaust emissions and engine noise.

*Operation of Engine Auto Stop-Start system requires certain conditions to be met.

Light and rigid HEARTECT platform

The smoothly curving frame increases underbody stiffness that delivers excellent fundamental vehicle performance while also contributing to collision safety by efficiently dispersing energy.


ESPĀ® detects wheel slip, for instance when you turn the steering wheel sharply and/or the road is slippery, it automatically affects control over the engine torque and brakes to suppress the wheel slip and helps you stay in directional control.

*For details of equipment availability, please refer to the major equipment list. ESP is a registered trademark of Daimler AG.


In an emergency braking situation, the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) keeps tires from locking up and helps you maintain steering ability.

Hill hold control

Hill hold control is designed to prevent the vehicle from rolling backward when you restart the car on a slope. It engages the brakes for up to two seconds after you remove pressure from the brake pedal to depress the accelerator.

*For details of equipment availability, please refer to the major equipment list.

Pedestrian injury Mitigating body

The structure of the bonnet, front windscreen wiper area, front bumper, and other parts absorb impact with the aim of mitigating head and leg injuries in the event of a collision with a pedestrian

Total Effective Control Technology (TECT)

The car’s body design centers on Suzuki’s TECT concept, resulting in a structure that efficiently absorbs and disperses the energy in the event of a collision.