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A car has to be an entity that stirs the emotions. The new Swift is meant to drive the heart. Standout character articulated through styling and colour. Conformable and unbinding. Welcome to a daily urge to get behind the wheel and to an exciting car experience that knows no end. In every possible way, the Swift “UPLIFTS”.

Aimed at driving that elevates. A renewed platform and suspension take the Swift’s nimble feel and effortless handling to a higher level, enhancing its “more than just for the city” pedigree. Everything done has been to enthrall drivers around the world with a sporty and passion-surging experience behind the wheel.

Beauty needs to be more than skin deep. What counts is being able to express the Swift’s essence of being “made to drive”. An overwhelming presence generated by a low, short and wide stance. The manifestation of overflowing dynamism and muscular lines. Styling that creates a sensation of movement, even at rest, accelerates the driver’s emotions.

Space that rouses the playfulness within, beckoning you to get out and do more

Compact on the outside for easy manoeuvring and roomy on the inside for both occupants and belongings. An evolution in vehicle packaging allows the Swift to meet the needs of drivers who want both. With fun to drive always being a must, a little extra allowance in the cabin and luggage space can go a long way in getting the most out of the joy of pursuing your hobbies or in simply having fun. Take with you who you want and what you want to top off a playful heart

Instantaneously being one with the car after getting into the driver’s seat in a cockpit designed with the driver in mind

Once seated, the impulse to take off immediately begins to well up inside, thanks to a meticulously implemented “driver first” design. The racecar-like, D-shaped steering wheel, front seats that firmly hold, and a centre console angled toward the driver help form a more-sporty, higher-quality environment that unifies car and driver

Occupant-protective SRS airbag system for collision safety

To protect not only the driver but also the front-seat passenger, both the driver’s seat and front passenger’s seat come standard with SRS airbags.

Lightness and strength for enhanced fundamental performance

The “HEARTECT” next-generation platform features a high-rigidity frame that contributes to crash safety, and the frame’s continuous and smoothly curving shape with fewer joints effectively disperses impact energy in the case of a collision. The lighter platform, made so by a reduction in the number of required reinforcements, and the abundant use of light, high-tensile steel combine to enhance both fundamental vehicle performance in terms of running, turning and stopping and fuel consumption performance.


As part of “HEARTECT”, a newly designed suspension, both up front and in the rear, underpins a nimble and emotion-heightening driving experience, providing both the linear steering control for which the Swift is known and ride quality that is solid, yet supple and comfortable. Tracking performance and response, for better negotiating turns and curves, and straightway stability have been sharpened for even greater joy in driving the Swift.


Under the bonnet of the Dzire sits a compact 1.2L VVT engine, which enthrals you with its strong driving performance. The engine’s high combustion efficiency and compression ratio, low friction and light weight, all add up to delight you with a fuel-efficient performance.

Light, impact-absorbing body: Total Effective Control Technology (TECT)

Suzuki’s light, impact-absorbing TECT body has evolved through the use of a new platform and computerised structural analysis. Not only does the body efficiently absorb and disperse energy in the event of a collision, it also widely employs high-tensile steel and ultra-high-tensile steel to achieve both lightness and excellent safety performance.

Safety features for peace of mind and greater driving fun

To fully and genuinely enjoy driving, nothing can be more important than complete peace of mind. As such, the new Swift comes with ABS, which helps prevent wheel lock during emergency braking for better stability, occupant-protective SRS airbags, a pedestrian injury mitigating body, and other safety features.

ABS with EBD for supporting driver braking

ABS is a system that detects the rotation of each wheel through the use of sensors attached to the four wheels and automatically and optimally controls braking force. It prevents the tires from locking, which can easily occur in sudden braking or on slippery surfaces, and heightens the driver’s ability to avoid obstacles through steering. Furthermore, EBD (electronic braking-force distribution) optimally distributes front and rear braking force to help stably stop the vehicle.

*ABS is a device that assists the driver during braking. It does not eliminate the need to drive safely, for
example by slowing down when approaching a corner.