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The Interior

Once you step inside the new Ciaz, you might never want to step out. And we don’t blame you. The new Ciaz offers everything you need, and more, making it a complete sedan. Plush interior along with Illuminated Meter Display, and Car Audio with Bluetooth, make Ciaz a drive like no other.

The Exterior

When you move up in life, you enjoy better and more refined experiences. And that is what you get with the new Ciaz. The moment it makes its appearance, the new Ciaz creates an instant impression with its stunning revamped exterior. The new LED Headlamps and DRLs combined with the stylish new Front Grille show that there’s room for more, even in perfection. So, drive the new Ciaz and experience life on a whole new level.

Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
and brake force distribution

In an emergency braking or on slippery surfaces, the anti-lock brake system (ABS) keeps tyres from locking, and enhances the driver’s ability to avoid obstacles through steering. Furthermore, the electronic brake-force distribution (EBD) optimally distributes front and rear braking force to help stably stop the vehicle.

Dual Airbags

When there’s assurance of safety, you can experience the good things in life without worries. The new Ciaz lets you do just that. With an impact-absorbing TECT (Total Effective Control Technology) body, teamed with the finest safety features like Airbags and ABS (Anti-Lock-Braking System), the new Ciaz makes the pleasurable drive even more enjoyable.


Performance is what drives us to the next level. It’s what gives ambition the edge it needs to make it to the top. That’s why the new Ciaz comes with an all-new and powerful 1.5L Petrol Engine. It makes the driving performance exceptional and a whole lot peppier. So cruise faster to wherever you want to go in life.

Light, impact-absorbing Total Effective
Control Technology (TECT) body

Suzuki’s TECT body helps protect the cabin in the event of a collision by efficiently absorbing and dispersing energy. It also widely employs high tensile steel to achieve both lightness and excellent safety performance.